November 28, 2017: Member’s Gallery – “The St. Lawrence River” with Alan Goldstein:

The St. Lawrence River with Alan Goldstein

A member of NVPS since 2012, Alan has been involved in some way or other with photography for the past 55 years.  It all began with a science teacher instructing him on the art of film developing.  At that time, he was using a Kodak Brownie.  Veering off during his teen-age years to using an 8mm movie camera, he returned to still photography during his college years and while working as a reporter for his hometown newspaper.

Alan was supposed to call in a newspaper photographer for photos, but she lived nearly 30 miles away, so he opted to take photos himself.  At first, he used a Polaroid Type 103 for photos since it made instant, crisp pictures.  But encouraged by a classmate and photographer, Alan got access to the college’s darkroom, and processed Tri-X each time he had a news event or other photo request.  This, plus being a radio disc jockey probably contributed to his less-than-stellar GPA!

After graduating from college, Alan enlisted in the Navy, becoming a Navy Journalist and later a Public Affairs Officer.

Sunset from Range View Overlook, Shenandoah National Park, Front Royal, Va. 16 September 2017

His high school girlfriend had a Nikon SLR, and that became Alan’s Holy Grail.  As a low-ranking Navy man, Alan scraped up the money and bought his first true SLR — a Minolta SRT-101.  As he progressed up the Navy ranks, he upgraded to a Minolta X700.

Fast forward to 2003.  Alan’s brother-in-law was getting married and Alan was the photographer.  An acquaintance who was a Nikon rep loaned Alan a D100.   It was love at first click!  Since then, Alan has had a D100, D200, D300, and now a D810, with a D850 on order.

Alan considers himself an advanced amateur, even though he has made more than five figures making pictures.   His biggest job was making progress photos of the deconstruction and reconstruction of the D.C. public library in Georgetown.

Retired from the Navy in 1994 and retired from Civil Service in 2011, Alan is happy to spend his time making images.  He loves photographing just about everything, but really likes night scenes and landscapes. His photos have been used for greeting cards by non-profits, used for proposals by environmental entities, have been used by sports web sites, have appeared in newspapers, and even hang in a gas station.

Alan says he loves being a member of NVPS.  He has gained some great friends, enjoys the camaraderie, and has learned

A Great Blue Heron is about to have himself a nice breakfast from the pond at the Viera Wetlands, 10001 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, Fla. 3 April 2017

something new nearly every meeting.

Alan’s will provide an in-depth view of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands.


A 1940s White is among the old trucks in repose on the property of R. L. Duncan Trucking Company, 851 Columbia Road, Columbia, Va. 14 April 2016

A male red winged blackbird defend his territory and tries to attract a mate in Huntley Meadows Park. Huntley Meadows is the largest park operated by the Fairfax County Park Authority (1,452 acres). In colonial times, this land was part of the extensive plantation holdings of George Mason IV. Thomson Mason, a grandson of George Mason, built a home on the property in 1825. 3701 Lockheed Blvd, Alexandria, Va. 20 April 2016


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