November 26, 2019 – Member’s Gallery: “Prints” with Eva Lanyi; “Digital” with Philip Winters

“Prints” with Eva Lanyi

Title: Portfolio Excerpts

A member of NVPS since 2015, Eva Lanyi has been interested in photography since her first blurry black and white photos of the neighbor’s dog, taken with her Kodak Brownie Starmatic (which she still has).  School, work, and life in general created other priorities for many years. Since retiring from a 32-year federal career as an analyst, she’s been able to concentrate more on photography and plans to make it a big part of her life going forward.   She constantly works to improve her technical and artistic abilities, while keeping photography a fun, enjoyable endeavor.  

Ms. Lanyi does mainly landscape and garden photography, because she loves being outdoors.  She has also started doing bird and wildlife photography. In addition, believing that the natural world is imperiled by human activity, she would like her photography to show the grandeur of Mother Nature before it is gone.  She also constantly scrutinizes trees, rock formations, leaves, sand (anything, really) for interesting, more abstract scenes from nature. Every photography adventure, for her, is an opportunity for a “personal best” photo. She works with Nikon equipment and a trusty Manfrotto tripod.  You can view some of her work at












“Digital” with Philip Winters

Digital Image Gallery – Philip Winters – Norway, a Country of Sea, Mountains, Snow, and Ice 

Phil started taking pictures as a kid, using an old family box camera.  In his teens, he got to use one of his father’s older range finders for his intermittent photo efforts. He received an SLR, he thinks it might have been a brand called Miranda, as a high school graduation present and began taking as many photos as he could with the usual limited funds of a college student. Once his income rose above zero, he splurged on a Minolta SLR, a step up with modern features like a built-in light meter. During his working life as a Federal Budget Analyst in the Congressional Research Service, he continued taking photos, mostly for fun and for family and now has thousands of slides and prints locked safely away in sleeves and boxes, possibly never again to see the light of day. In the 1980’s, his wife took her students on five-week tours of Europe and Phil got to go along on several of them, taking as many film rolls, mostly slides, as he could stuff in his luggage. An after-trip party was held that included a slide show – who remembers those? – that Phil put together. 

Once the digital era arrived, he bought a 3-megapixel non-DSLR of some forgotten brand (he doesn’t remember the brand and can’t find the camera in his photo equipment graveyard). He remembers that the camera took fairly decent pictures, as long as you didn’t blow them up or crop them. Since then, he’s moved on, first to a Nikon 90, followed by a Nikon 7000, both very nice cameras, but his shoulders and back complained about the weight of the accumulation of stuff in the camera bag. That led to his current cameras, the mirrorless Sony 6000 and Sony 6300.  His shoulders and back gave him a big thank you. He keeps a Nikon point-and-shoot in his car, just in case, and of course has his phone ready for photo emergencies.

He’s very happy that he joined NVPS several years ago (he says it feels like forever – in a good way).  He’s learned a lot, including better composition, being almost comfortable using Lightroom, and enjoying being able to cut and mat his prints.   

He hopes you enjoy his photos of Norway. 


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