November 2020 – Note of Thanks to NVPS from the Willing Warriors

Jim Sinsheimer – NVPS Coordinator

We recently received a heart-felt thank-you note (below) from the Willing Warriors to the many NVPS members who have already contributed framed photos exhibited at the PenFed retreat. All images are viewable on the NVPS Willing Warriors Gallery.

To date, 20 of our members have contributed 61 photographs to the Willing Warriors veterans’ retreat.  As I have mentioned at our meetings, the vets have expressed their appreciation and admiration for these images displayed in the PenFed house. The interior pictures below show how fantastic our images look.  Also, the catalogue coffee table book has been completed and is now available for the veterans to see the subjects and photographers’ names. I am told by my staff contact that these interior pictures will be shown during the Willing Warriors annual gala this month.

For our new members, the Willing Warriors facility, located in Haymarket, Virginia, provides two single family houses for our veterans and their extended families to enjoy a five-day weekend to revitalize the mind, spirit, and soul. Each house features multiple bedrooms, large recreation rooms and grand open living areas with lots of wall space. NVPS has been and hopefully will continue to provide photographs to decorate the walls of these houses with relevant photographs reminding the guests of the beautiful country that they served.  At the direction of their staff, we have been working on the PenFed house, the newer and more contemporary of the two houses. Generally, I have tried to theme rooms with a singular image subject, providing variety throughout the house, but also a sense of order.  This is somewhat loose as I need to hang what images I get. Landscapes, recognizable urban-scapes, monuments, wildlife, birds, flowers, and military themed images taken within the United States continue to be sought.  The lower level great room is a dedicated space for military and military historic images. The second-floor loft features canyon and mountain vistas.

There are still many walls available for images.  19×13 or larger images are desired, but most images have been 11×14 (or similar) in 16×20 white mats and black metal or wood frames. If you would like to contribute, please send me a jpeg of each image so that I can determine where it best can be installed. I also use the jpegs to produce additional pages for the coffee table catalogue book. Please send images to

Thanks again for considering donating to the Willing Warriors Retreat.


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