November 19, 2019 – Competition Results With Judge Alan DeFelice, No Theme

Judge Alan DeFelice

The winning images for 2019-2020 can be seen in the NVPS Gallery here:

Class 3 – Color Prints
1st Place Gary Perlow Cascade Falls
2nd Place Bill Corbett Looking Up
3rd Place Clark Barker Sculpted Shore
HM George Karamarkovich Sea Gull
HM Kimxuan Nguyen I Am Home
Class 3 – Digital
1st Place Gary Perlow Rainy Portrait
2nd Place Kimxuan Nguyen Burrow Owls
3rd Place Kevin Egan Resting Dodge
HM Alan Goldstein Zoom Zoom
HM George Karamarkovich Against All Odds
HM Mike Whalen Another Shape Of Water
HM Tom Haycraft Lightning At Mill Pond
Class 3 – Monochrome Prints
1st Place Kieulan Nguyen Emptiness
2nd Place Tom Brett White Sands Yucca
3rd Place Georgette Grossman Solarized Dahlia
Class 2 – Color Prints
1st Place Tana Ebbole Misty Morning At Anglers
2nd Place Chau Nguyen Open Up And Say Ahh!
3rd Place Joan Barker The Light
Class 2 – Digital
1st Place Joan Barker Grand Canyon
2nd Place Kacy Turner You Ok?
3rd Place Kirk Johnson Brotherly Love
HM Judy Graham Ice Palace
Class 2 – Monochrome Prints
No Competition    Not Enough Entries
Class 1 – Color Prints
1st Place Valerie Short Through The Mist
2nd Place Ed Short Hokkaido Fox
3rd Place Jennifer Kang Nighttime Prayers
HM Suzanne McIntire Barn Interior
Class 1 – Digital
1st Place Kevin Linde Liquid Umbrella
2nd Place Ilenia Alvarez Break A Leg
3rd Place Art Rose Lighting the Pantheon
HM Deb Rose Sunrise On The Fishing Boat
HM George Bradshaw If Escher Had Photoshop
HM Steve Klein Hungry Monkey
Class 1 – Monochrome Prints
1st Place John Murray Foggy Morning
2nd Place Sidney Stone Sleepy Old Pier
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