November 12, 2019: Education & Training – Image Critique: Assessing Your Own, and Others’, Images with Willa, Ginger and Mike

Speakers’ Panel for Education and Training: The panel will include members: Willa Friedman, Ginger Werz-Petricka and Mike Whalen

The November 12th E & T panel discussion will offer a basic methodology of assessing images, whether your own or someone else’s, with a goal of making effective, impactful images.  Realizing that all image creation and critique is subjective, the panel will discuss questions that should be considered when photographing or assessing an image.  The goal of the session is to help club members improve their own photography and increase understanding of the factors under consideration in image critique and/or competition.

For example: When preparing to make a photograph, the first questions to ask are: what is the subject or purpose of my image?  What am I trying to convey?  When looking at an image, the questions a viewer asks are: what am I supposed to see or feel?  What is the point of this image?

All image creation and critique flow from the above basic questions.  A number of discrete, identifiable factors goes into answering the questions: there are technical aspects such as focus, lighting, and contrast; and compositional aspects such as subject interest, subject placement, and image clutter.   Ginger, Willa, and Mike will provide examples, offer their insights, and take questions. 

If you have specific questions you’d like them to addresses, please send them by November 1 to

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