December 1, 2018: Portfolio Project – December Update

Hi Everyone,

Ginger here.  I hope you have found time in your busy lives to do some work on your portfolio projects. A question came up recently that might relate to some of you as we get to the reviews.  The initial review/critique will be on January 15 and the final will be May 14.  This year we are lucky to have Kathryn Mohrman and Kevin Egan joining me at the table to make suggestions and comments on your work.  If you are not going to be able to attend, you will still get your feedback as we will take notes, and I’ll forward the information to you.  The usual format is that we take turns with each portfolio, giving our observations on the images, looking at how they support the artist statement, seeing if the order of presentation works as a whole, looking for what works and what doesn’t.  What you do with the feedback is entirely up to you, but in my opinion, it is always useful to get a second or third or fourth set of fresh eyes on the portfolio. It is always best to be there if you can as you will also benefit from the commentary on what the other participants have done.


Where are you at this point in the process?  Have you decided on a subject?  Are you gathering images?  Have you started your Artist Statement?  Have you requested access to the gallery if you don’t have one now and sent me your password?  I’ve had continual issues with my computer and internet access this fall, but I haven’t gotten a lot of requests for me to make folders.  If you have emailed me and not gotten a response, please accept my apology and resend.  I even got cut off from this email once and am back a half hour later so besides the backlog of emails there is that issue, I guess that’s part of the fun of living in a more rural area on a rainy day.


If you haven’t done so, please look through the Portfolio Gallery of years past, there is a wealth of ideas and information in there.  And when we’re all there at the meetings come look at some of the books I bring along.


How is your Artist Statement coming along?  Ask for someone to read what you have written.  It is always a good idea to read it aloud, to yourself and to someone else.  Like ‘like’, are you using the same word or phrase too often?  If you haven’t had time yet, do check out the following link and the attached article from Lenswork for ‘how to’ ideas, .


Best of luck, we look forward to seeing your work,


Ginger Werz-Petricka

Colena Turner


By the way, has everyone gotten the first email with the sign-up instructions?  When I added the email addresses today a few of you were not already in my address box.

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