Nominations of the 2019-2020 NVPS Elected Board

Bill Millhouser

Pursuant to Article II of the NVPS Constitution and Bylaws (see below), the nominating committee has selected the following individuals to be considered for election by club members to serve as the Elected Board for 2019-2020:

2019-2020 Executive Board Nominations
President   Kevin Egan
VP Programs   Willa Siegel
VP Operation   Frank Napoli
CO-VP Competition   Brian Payne
CO-VP Competition   Melanie Marts
Treasurer   Tom Brett
Secretary/Historian   Sid Stone


Nominations for any other club member wishing to serve on the Elected Board must be submitted to Bill Millhouser, the chairman of the nominating committee, by the second regular club meeting in April, in order to be considered in the election to be held at the first regular club meeting in May. If you have any questions regarding the election process or would like to volunteer to serve as a member of the Appointed Board, please contact Bill. NVPS depends entirely on the volunteer efforts of our club members to design and implement all of our monthly activities, and maintain our website and communication network to keep you informed of club activities. If you have time to spare, please consider volunteering to ensure NVPS’s continued success.

Contact Bill Millhouser, chairman of the nominating committee at:

Article II. Elections

Election of officers shall be held annually. The President shall appoint a nominating committee. The committee will prepare a single roster of proposed officers by mid-March and obtain the agreement of the nominees to serve if elected. The list of nominees will be announced at the second regular club meeting in March. Any additional nominations must be made by the second regular club meeting in April, in writing, to the Chairperson of the nominating committee. Such nominations may be made and seconded by any club members other than the candidate. The candidate must notify the chairperson of the nominating committee, in writing, of his/her willingness to accept the nomination and serve if elected. The nominating committee shall then notify all members, in the newsletter and by posting the names on the web site, of the nominees for each office. The chairperson of the nominating committee shall present the roster of candidates at the first regular club meeting in May. Election will be by voice vote when there are no additional nominations or by written ballot when additional nominations have been made.

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