March 5, 2019 – Programs: “Portraits” with Catherine Simmons

Presentation Description

Catherine is going to be sharing on the topic of Family and Child Photography. This is a broad topic ranging from formal family portraits to candid snapshots for the family album. Catherine will present information and ideas on how to capture images that embody both sentiment and artistry. You’ll learn how to improve your technical and artistic approach to photographing children of all ages. Catherine will break down the differences among portraiture, lifestyle, and snapshots and how to approach each one strategically and with intent.

Perhaps you are a grandparent wanting to photograph your adorable, but very busy toddler grandchild, or you’re a parent trying to take your high school senior’s pictures for a graduation party invite. Maybe you are an aunt or uncle trying to document a family vacation at the beach, or perhaps you are a retired hobbyist who is always being asked to take pictures at special family events and social gatherings. No matter what your specific need may be, you are sure to walk away with a new level of understanding when it comes to photographing children and families in any context.


Catherine is both a seasoned mom and photographer. She began her journey into photography after the birth of her sixth child in 2009. Her children’s ages range from 21 down to 9 years old. As a busy mom, photography became a way for her to engage with her children, enjoy her creative appetite for making art, and document the fleeting years as they passed so quickly. After taking several photography classes at her local community college, she realized that her hobby was quickly turning into an obsession. She spent the next five years photographing families and their children as a small business on the side.

After moving to Vienna, Austria in January of 2017, Catherine decided to begin earning her Master’s in Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design through their e-learning program. While living in Vienna, Catherine tasted the world of travel photography throughout Europe as well as taught workshops for the United Nations Photography Club.  She earned the first place in the 2017 UNPC Annual Photo Competition as well as in several monthly competitions.

Upon returning to the States, Catherine transitioned into the studio where she now is both a Fine Art and Commercial portrait photographer. Additionally, Catherine teaches workshops on Beginning Portraiture, Family and Child Photography, and Editing Portraiture in Photoshop for Capital Photography Center. While her expertise is in the studio, she continues to shoot families as well as educate others on the wonderful and most joyful experience of photographing children and their families.


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