March 23, 2019 – Field Trip: Truck Graveyard

The “Truck Graveyard” is the destination for our March 23rd Field Trip. The Graveyard is situated on the property of the PL Duncan Company located at 2 Duncan Store Road in Columbia Virginia. Travel time from the Beltway is approximately 2 3⁄4 hours primarily on Routes 66, 29 and 15 South. About 60 vintage (mid 20th century) vehicles in various states of decay are scattered among the several acres of wooded area, open fields and under the roof of some quite dilapidated storage buildings. As morning light is preferable we should plan to start our shoot at 9:00 AM. As Columbia, VA is quite a schlep from N. VA, we encourage your early sign up to facilitate forming carpools.

One further note: there are no facilities within 20-minutes of the truck graveyard. Plan to make a pit-stop somewhere along the way.
Check out images previously taken at the Graveyard:

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