March 10, 2020: Education & Training: An Overview of Landscape Photography with James Norman

Landscape photography gives us opportunities to visit beautiful locations, see amazing sights, and even bring home and share a small portion of what we experience.  And you don’t need to travel to another continent or lug a backpack full of heavy, expensive gear to find and capture striking images.  With minimal equipment and your own creative enthusiasm, landscape photography will reward you with both images and memories.
Jim will provide some suggestions on how you can make the most of your landscape opportunities — planning and preparation, suggested equipment, composition, exposure, and more. The emphasis of this presentation is fieldwork; processing, as important as it is, will be discussed only in passing.
Jim is a long‑time member of NVPS, as well as the Loudoun Photo Club, NANPA, and the Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers, and most of his photography centers on landscapes.
Several of Jim’s recent landscape photos:
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