February 12, 2019: Education & Training: Portfolio Project, Interim Review with Kevin Egan & Ginger Werz-Petricka

Ginger Werz-Petricka

Remember that we have the preliminary review for the Portfolio project on February 12, 2019. It’s time to make sure you have your folder in the gallery and to start uploading your images. Remember to start with the Artist Statement to lay the basis of your premise for your concept.

We are going to cut off the upload of new images on February 9th to allow me to get the presentation ready for the review and to give Mike Whalen a chance to get you images moved and formatted for the projector.

This is by no your last chance to upload. After this review you will be able to add images, change images, do whatever you want to do to strengthen your concept. The review will be an excellent time to hear constructive ideas on how to strengthen your presentation.

If you have questions on the steps up to now please contact me at ginger.petricka@gmail.com or look over the information posted earlier on how to obtain a gallery folder and how to write an artist statement.

Portfolio is such a great opportunity to showcase a concept in an open forum without it being in competition with anyone else and to get feedback from other experienced and talented photographers.

I look forward to seeing your images!

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