January 14, 2020: Education & Training – Artistic Image Processing with Roger Lancaster

Education & Training – Artistic Image Processing with Roger Lancaster

Roger Lancaster has been a member of NVPS since 2009. He first started his journey into photography as a 6-year-old when his grandfather, a photojournalist, let him use his fold up Kodak camera. He delved a bit more when his family gave him the old 35mm Pentax film camera, and as his kids grew older immersed himself in photos of their sports contests, concerts, vacations, etc. However, upon retirement, he pursued fine art photography with a passion. As he says, it was a hobby that got out of control! He has won numerous awards for his photography, the most recent being Photographer of the Year for Color Prints Class 3 from NVPS in 2018. He also has had his images printed in many magazines and photo journals.

The world of digital photography opened his eyes to the creative aspect of the craft, and he now gets as much enjoyment out of the artistic aspects of post-processing as he does the actual shooting of the image. In fact, his business card now refers to him as a Photographer/Image Artist. In his session at NVPS on January 14, Roger will discuss and illustrate his approach to the artistic aspect of post-processing and will cover such subjects as use of brushes, filters, and, plugin tools in Photoshop that allow artistic expression, use of actions in Photoshop, converting to monochrome, plus other topics. If there are specific topics in the general area of artistic expression and image manipulation that you would like to cover, please let him know prior to his presentation.


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