February 6, 2018 – Program Meeting – Renee Comet: Food Photography

RENÉE COMET is a noted advertising photographer specializing in food and still life photography. Whatever the subject, her visual treatment can best be described as uncomplicated, fluid, and elegant


Her distinctive work has appeared in advertising, packaging, cookbooks, stamps, and digital libraries. Some of her clients include: Food Network, PopCorners, Glutino, Marriott International, Australian Lamb, Itoen Tea, Ritz-Carlton, US Postal Service, USDA, Butterball Turkey, Washington Post, Choice Hotels, and American Diabetes Association.

Ms. Comet has a particular passion for photographing cookbooks. Over the years she has photographed more than 75 popular cookbooks, including: Extreme Brownies, The Founding Farmers Cookbook, Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper, The New Jewish Cookbook, Sizzle and Smoke, ADA Comfort Food Cookbook, and Dining with the Washingtons from Mount Vernon.

Before we eat that….

I am a visual problem solver. My goal is to create and image that you want to eat, a place you want to be, evoke emotion, and tell a story. It is creating a world by bringing together lighting, textures, and composition.

I will share images that I shoot for myself. How simple is beautiful, how these images inspire my commercial work and how they are a practice in seeing and observing.

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