February 3, 2020 – Members Eva Lanyi, Georgette Grossman and Mike Whalen Take Awards at Washington Gardener Magazine’s 2020 Photo Contest

The results are in for Washington Gardener Magazine’s annual 2020 photo contest. Five of the 17 winning images were awarded to NVPS members  Eva Lanyi, Georgette Grossman and Mike Whalen.  The 4 categories were: Garden Views, Garden Vignettes, Small Wonders  and Garden Creatures. Images must have been taken in calendar year 2019 and within 150 miles from the US Capitol in Washington DC. Winning images will be posted in the Spring edition of Washington Gardener Magazine. Prints will be exhibited at Meadowlark Gardens this summer. The initial announcement  and the 17 awarded images can be seen here: https://washingtongardener.blogspot.com/2020/02/2020-garden-photo-contest-winners.html.

Garden Views  – Eva Lanyi, Honorable Mention. Taken at Huntley Meadows

Eva Lanyi “The Dog Walker” Honorable Mention in Garden Views

Small Wonders – Georgette Grossman 3rd Place. Taken at Longwood Gardens

Georgette Grossman – “Himalayan Blue Poppies” 3rd Place in Small Wonders

Small Wonders – Mike Whalen, 1st Place. Taken in his yard.

Mike Whalen “Milkweed Pod” 1st Place in Small Wonders

Garden Creatures – Eva Lanyi, 2nd Place. Taken at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Eva Lanyi “Water Lily and Friends” 2nd Place in Garden Creatures

Garden Creatures – Mike Whalen, 1st Place. Taken in his yard

Mike Whalen “Into The Light” 1st Place in Garden Creatures


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