February 28, 2012 – Forum: Greg Daily, President of Nature Visions, speaks + Kip Holdridge – “Evolving as a Photographer…”

Greg Daily – President, Nature Visions, will speak at the February 28’th meeting. Greg will speak about the history, current status and future of Nature Visions. After completing their 10th year, Nature Visions is interested in soliciting input from NVPS members regarding future growth and direction of their Expo.

Kip Holdridge – “Evolving as a Photographer: Small Adaptations for Becoming a Better Photographer”

Learning is a process that never ends. Even after mastering “the basics” of photography, we continue to learn new tricks and gain new experience while slowly but surely evolving as a photographer. Geared for novice and intermediate photographers, but hopefully insightful for everyone, Kip’s presentation will examine relatively small tips, tricks, and practices that can make a huge difference in your photography and growth as a photographer.

Kip Holdridge learned “the basics” of photography at a young age. At 6 years old, his mother taught him the mechanics of using an SLR camera and the rules of composition. After a childhood behind the lens, Kip and photography slowly grew apart as after school activities took up more of his time. After finishing college and starting a career, he found his way back to photography with a little nudging from his mother. He purchased his first DSLR in early 2008 and joined NVPS in the spring of 2009. Kip was the recipient of the NVPS “Photographer of the Year” and “Image of the Year” awards in the Novice Unrestricted Digitally Projected Images category for the 2010-2011 competition year and has since graduated to the advanced class.

Kip’s Presentation can be found here: Evolving as a Photographer.pdf

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