February 27, 2018 – Forum: David Heagy: Iceland

David Heagy

My father helped me buy a Rolleiflex 2.8E Twin Lens Reflex camera while I was in high school (I still have it). He showed me how to take basic pictures, develop, and print my photographs. I learned the technical side of photography at RIT but I never had any training in composition. Our typical class assignments were to make instant processing chemicals, figure out how to develop film on the moon, take an eight hour exposure, and use photography and a record turn table to make a copper circuit board. In the Marine Corps I worked in a combat photography center at Camp Lejeune. For  41 years I worked with a team to design, build, and operate satellite imaging  systems. This included being responsible for the image quality of national imaging and display systems.

My favorite type of photography is while traveling on a bike and hiking. This involves architecture, people, and landscapes. Our trip to Iceland was on the way to Slovakia and Hungary.


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