February 18, 2020 – Competition: “No Theme” with Judge Sean O’Rourke

Sean O’Rourke will be our February judge for an open competition. Sean is a professional photographer with a diverse portfolio in Architecture, Real Estate, Products, Weddings, Events, and Portraits. Whether he is shooting a unique landscape like the powerful waterfalls in Iceland, a quiet kiss between a newlywed couple amid a lively crowd, or the intricate tile patterns in a newly renovated kitchen, Sean always manages to find creativity and art through his lens.

As a small veteran-owned business, Sean prides himself in the Marine Corps’ three core values: honor, courage, and commitment.

Honor: being honest and having integrity in everything he does.

Courage: doing what it takes to get the shot and not being afraid to go off the beaten path.

Commitment: serving his clients the same way he served our country, with unwavering dedication.

Sean considers himself blessed for doing what he loves for a living. Outside of his professional photography, Sean enjoys being in the great outdoors and appreciating the wonders of nature as it gives him peace and serenity. The world can be a confusing place sometimes and it’s hard to understand sometimes. Sean thinks of his camera as a translator – deciphering the madness into beauty.


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