December 17, 2019 – Competition Results with Judge Roy Sewall; Theme: Night Photography

Judge Roy Sewall

The winning images for 2019-2020 can be seen in the NVPS Gallery here:

Class 3 – Color Prints    
1st Place Gary Perlow Fireflies Mating Under Milky Way
2nd Place Kevin Egan Janney-Marshall By Night
3rd Place Clark Barker Beyond The Fence
Class 3 – Digital    
1st Place Judy Guenther Nighttime Grooming
2nd Place Kimxuan Nguyen WWII At Night
3rd Place Ginger Wertz-Petricka Midnight At Quoddy Light
HM Gary Perlow Manhattan Bridge From Brooklyn
HM Jim Sinsheimer Summer Night On The Lakefront
HM Paul Laurenza Lets Go In
Class 3 – Monochrome Prints    
1st Place Jim Sinsheimer Reflections On The Bean
2nd Place Clark Barker Light Reflections
Class 2 – Color Prints    
1st Place Brenda Wilson Light Reading (Quebec City)
Class 2 – Digital    
1st Place Chau Nguyen Sandhill Cranes After Sunset
2nd Place Doug O’Boyle Nighttime In New York City
3rd Place John Eppler Nelson Garage
HM Kacy Turner Parking Blues
HM Kathryn Mohrman Samarkind Night
Class 2 – Monochrome Prints    
No Competition Not Enough Entries  
Class 1 – Color Prints    
1st Place Art Rose Tall Ship Providence
2nd Place Deb Rose Zion Night Sky
Class 1 – Digital    
1st Place Ed Short Hattaras Evening
2nd Place Ilenia Alvarez Dubai Nights
3rd Place Kevin Linde Spooky Monument
Class 1 – Monochrome Prints    
No Competition Not Enough Entries  
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