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Programs – On the first Tuesday of every month, presentations are given by talented and respected photographers on a range of topics. The list below shows current and past speakers. Click on “Upcoming Events” to see a full list of upcoming weekly activities.


February 4, 2020 – Programs: Experiences with Championship Games with John McDonnell

Washington Post photographer Jonathan Newton, had to cancel because the Post needs him to cover the President’s State of the Union  Address.  Luckily, Jonathan has found a colleague, veteran Post photographer, John McDonnell to take […]


January 7, 2020 – Programs: Photographic Voice and Vision with Nikhil Bahl – CANCELLED

Photographic Voice and Vision  CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER Every photographer should think about how they can find their photographic voice. Once a photographer has found their voice they can then start to develop their vision. It takes time, but both these aspects are essential […]


December 3, 2019 – Programs: Mark Buckler – Nailing Your Exposures – It’s not as hard as you think

Bio Mark Buckler has been actively documenting nature for over 30 years. Mark was born on Cape Cod, MA and his passion for photography was ignited and honed in this area of natural beauty. In […]


November 5, 2019 – Programs: Andrew Sentipal – Photographing Shenandoah

Andrew Sentipal will be entertaining us in November with a talk on photographing Shenandoah National Park. Andrew has been interested in photography most of his life. He started back in the film days and transitioned […]


October 1, 2019 – Program: Abstract Photography with Don Rosenberger

Bio  Don Rosenberger sold all his camera gear and walked away from photography, but that was back in 1983.  He picked up a camera again in 2005 and has spent most of his weekends and […]


September 3, 2019 – Program: Eight Years as White House Photographer with Lawrence Jackson

Bio   Former White House photographer, under the Obama Administration, Lawrence Jackson spent 18 years working for The Virginian-Pilot and The Associated Press -in Boston and Washington, DC- before working at the White House. Since leaving the White House […]


May 7, 2019 – Programs: “Low Light Photography” with Brian Zwit

Brian Zwit is a nature and outdoor photographer and educator based in northern Virginia. He loves to photograph the elegance and majesty of nature and he especially likes to photograph landscapes but avoids the well-known […]


April 2, 2019 – Programs: “The Art of Self Critique and Evaluation” with Alan Sislen

Presentation Description As photographers, we often find ourselves in the role of self-critiquer and evaluator. It’s clearly a case of learning by doing, but there are many skills and techniques that can help us become […]


March 5, 2019 – Programs: “Portraits” with Catherine Simmons

Presentation Description Catherine is going to be sharing on the topic of Family and Child Photography. This is a broad topic ranging from formal family portraits to candid snapshots for the family album. Catherine will […]


February 5, 2019 – Programs: “B&W Photography” with Jim Steele

Jim Steele While coming from a traditional film/darkroom background, Jim is equally comfortable in both traditional and digital technologies.  His work includes landscape, flowers, figurative, and surreal photography.  He has a studio at the Torpedo […]