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Programs – On the first Tuesday of every month, presentations are given by talented and respected photographers on a range of topics. The list below shows current and past speakers. Click on “Upcoming Events” to see a full list of upcoming weekly activities.


May 4, 2021: Programs: Artistic Expression through Smartphone Photography with Michael Koren

Presentation Description: This presentation will help you express your artistic vision through smartphone photography.  Learning to better use the camera that’s always with you, you’ll be exposed to techniques which go beyond taking simple snapshots […]


April 6, 2021: Programs: Psychology of Photography with Nic Stover

Nic Stover created the Psychology of Photography as a way to help photographers think of ways to think beyond the basics of taking pictures and into the world of creating images. The Psychology of Photography […]


March 2, 2021: Programs: Chasing The Stars – Capturing The Night Sky with Robert Fawcett

Chasing the Stars – Capturing the Night Sky – a visual presentation of capturing the Milky Way month by month highlighting the season from January to October. Emphasis is placed on the importance of planning […]


February 2, 2021: Programs: The Joy of the Little Things: Macro Photography with Colleen Miniuk

Colleen Miniuk will present The Joy of the Little Things: Macro Photography at NVPS’s February 2nd program meeting. Colleen Miniuk is an ex-software engineer who fled Intel Corporation in 2007 to pursue a meaningful life […]


January 5, 2021: Programs: Unique and Creative Techniques to Photography with Emily Carter Mitchell

PRESENTATION Emily Carter Mitchell will introduce the concepts of “Unique and Creative Techniques to Photography” using a variety of methods to capturing an image that is beyond what the eye naturally sees. The idea is […]


December 1, 2020: Programs: How to Shoot the Moon, Fireworks, Waterfalls, and Snow with Marie Joabar

Marie Joabar from the Capital Photography Center will present How to shoot the Moon, Fireworks, Waterfalls and Snow at NVPS’s December 1st program meeting. Marie Joabar has been immersed in photography and photography education for […]


November 3, 2020: Programs: Make the Ordinary Extraordinary with Joe Rossbach

In this presentation, Joseph Rossbach will present one image only and take us on a deep dive into the production of the image. From planning and travel to scouting on location, Joe will discuss how […]


October 6, 2020: Programs: Lightroom Unleashed with Mollie Isaacs

Lightroom is the most powerful post-processing software available. It is simple to use and easy to learn, BUT often photographers find it complicated or confusing. This program will clear up many misconceptions and show you […]


September 1, 2020 – Programs: Photographic Voice and Vision with Nikhil Bahl

Every photographer should think about how they can find their photographic voice. Once a photographer has found their voice, they can then start to develop their vision. It takes time, but both these aspects are […]


May 5, 2020 – Programs: Creative Camera Techniques for Storytelling with Kristi Odom

Learn from Nikon Ambassador, Kristi Odom, different creative camera techniques that will improve your narrative. She will teach how she uses techniques like multiple exposure, slow motion video, macro, and infrared photography to tell different […]