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October 26, 2019 – Nature Visions Update: Lunch Ordering

Good morning: A quick note to let you know that the deadline for ordering lunches for Nature Visions has been extended to midnight, Sunday, Oct. 27. To order lunch go to, Best Roger Lancaster […]


August 28, 2019: Nature Visions 2019 – Followup 3

Good morning:   Apparently, some of you are still confused about the $30 discount for tickets for NV. First, your discount code is the email that you use for NVPS. If you are not sure […]


August 26, 2019: Nature Visions 2019 – Lunch Orders

Good morning:   Arrangements have been finalized for ordering lunches while attending Nature Visions. Panera will again be the supplier. To order lunches, go to   I might remind everyone that there are very few […]


November 1 – 3, 2019: Nature Visions 2019 – A Couple of Reminders. . .

Nature Visions Photo Expo 2019 November 1 – 3, 2019 NEWSLETTER #3   A Couple of Reminders. . . Registration –  Please click on this link for registration to the event.  It includes a quick video […]


August 24, 2019: Nature Visions Update – from Roger Lancaster

Hi fellow NVPS members: Before I leave for the beach I wanted to remind you that the digital uploading for competition images for NV begins August 12. All submitted images are reviewed to ensure that […]


August 23, 2019: Nature Visions 2019 – Followup 2 from Roger Lancaster

Good morning:   I want to update you on where we stand with some issues on Nature Visions.   First, there appears to be some confusion regarding the different types of websites you use in […]


August 19, 2019: Nature Visions 2019 – Followup

Good afternoon fellow NVPS members:   This is a follow-up to my recent email regarding Nature Visions.   I have received emails from a number of you regarding difficulties you are having registering for Nature […]


August 13, 2019 – Nature Visions Registration Opens

Registration Is Now Open!   The day has finally arrived.  It’s time to register for the Nature Visions Photo Expo.  Please click on this link to find our schedule for the event.  Once you’ve had a […]


Nature Visions Expo 2019 – Date deadlines

Hi fellow NVPS members: Trust all of you are having a terrific summer and getting lots of great photos. As you are taking images, remember that the Nature Visions Photo Expo is coming this November […]


Nature Visions 2018 News

As we finish off the photo club year and enter into summer, a reminder from Nature Visions that the uploading of images for consideration in the photo exhibit at the expo begins August 13. You will […]