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February 27, 2018 – Forum: David Heagy: Iceland

David Heagy My father helped me buy a Rolleiflex 2.8E Twin Lens Reflex camera while I was in high school (I still have it). He showed me how to take basic pictures, develop, and print […]


January 23, 2018: Forum – Some Nature, Travel & Sports Photos, and Tips with Bill Corbett

Some Nature, Travel & Sports Photos and Tips with Bill Corbett A photographer of student life and sports for his college yearbook in the late seventies, but thereafter without a darkroom or free film, Bill […]


April 24, 2018: Forum – Into the Wild Blue Yonder with Alan Goldstein

A member of NVPS since 2012, Alan has been involved in some way or other with photography for the past 55 years.  It all began with a science teacher instructing him on the art of […]


October 24, 2017: Forum – “The Great American Eclipse” with Dan Ward

Monday, 21 August 2017, was one of the most talked about astronomical events of the century. It was the first time since 1979, that the contiguous United States had seen a total eclipse. The total eclipse could […]


September 26 2017: Members Forum with Kirk Johnson – Photo Mandalas – From Photographic Concept to Final Design

Since joining NVPS in August 2012, Kirk Johnson has been taking digital photographs of a variety of subjects, such as architecture, street and urban, portrait, black-and-white, floral and abstract. Armed with his trusty Nikon D5300 […]


April 25, 2017 – Forum: A National Park Celebration with Judy McGuire

Judy’s presentation will celebrate the National Parks, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016.  She has visited 190 of the 417 total properties in the system.  Her images will […]


May 23 2017: Member’s Forum – Dan Ward on Astrophotography

As an 11-year old, Dan L. Ward first took “close-up” photos of the moon by holding the family’s Brownie Hawkeye camera to the eyepiece of his Gilbert 3” reflector telescope.  The results may have been […]


March 28 2017: Member’s Forum – Australia and New Zealand in 30 Days with Sandi Croan

Sandi Croan is an independent photographer from Centreville who has been living in Northern Virginia since 1978. She specializes in landscape, nature, and travel photography with an eye for capturing the unique and creating fine […]


February 28 2017: Member’s Forum with Stan Bysshe

Although Stan has been taking pictures since the early seventies, it wasn’t until the take-off of digital photography that he became passionate about the photographic process. It has been a slow, sometimes painful and certainly […]


January 24 2017: Member’s Forum – Eagle Photography – Images and Lessons Learned with Ceasar Sharper

Biography Ceasar’s photographic journey began when he took a photography course in college.  That was a very long time ago when he began to learn the fundamentals of focus, exposure and composition.  Unfortunately, the development […]