August 28, 2019: Nature Visions 2019 – Followup 3

Good morning:
Apparently, some of you are still confused about the $30 discount for tickets for NV. First, your discount code is the email that you use for NVPS. If you are not sure which email you use, then contact me. I have that list. Second, you cannot use the discount code for hands on workshops or photo shoots. (You will notice that on the ticketing ordering pages, there will be no place to insert the coupon code for hands on workshop or photo shoots. There is a place to insert your coupon code on the day passes and the lectures.) Third, you can only use your discount for one session. You cannot carry over any balance to another ticket. For example, if you purchase a $20 ticket, you cannot use your remaining $10 on another ticket. My advice is that if you sign up for a 3 day or 2 day pass that you use your discount there. Fourth, please review the Nature Visions video titled Register Using Coupon Code (only for NVPS members), which includes information about using the discount.  
Finally, if none of the information I have sent answers your questions regarding your order or the venue, or you cannot resolve ordering issues, please call the Hylton Ticket Office at (703) 993-7759. The Ticket Office hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.
Roger Lancaster

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