August 24, 2019: Nature Visions Update – from Roger Lancaster

Hi fellow NVPS members:

Before I leave for the beach I wanted to remind you that the digital uploading for competition images for NV begins August 12. All submitted images are reviewed to ensure that all rules are being followed. If your image fails the review, you do have another opportunity to resubmit the image with corrections made, or to submit an entirely different image. The deadline to submit images with an opportunity for resubmission is Sept. 6. Images submitted after this date and up until the final deadline for uploading (Sept. 13) will not be eligible for resubmission if the image is rejected by the review committee. Some have asked how long does the review take. The review committee is very experienced with the process and past practice indicates that they will inform the club rep within 2-3 days. I usually get back to the member immediately. HOWEVER, it is important to submit images early in the game. More images flood the review committee closer to the deadline so their turnaround time can be longer.

Images juried into NV will be announced Oct.5, and you will have until the last club meeting in Oct. to submit the printed images. On matting…Bob and Willa Friedman will be conducting a matting workshop at one of the club meetings early in the club year (Sept I believe) and I would suggest you take part in the workshop. Also, please take time to go to the NV website and review the requirements and rules for submitting images. The appropriate info is at

Let me know if you have any questions on any of this. And please stay cool over this very hot summer!


Roger Lancaster,

NVPS Rep to NV

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