April 21, 2015 – Competition Results with Sue Bloom

class1_1st_m. paula neumann_room with a view

M. Paula Neumann – Room With a View

Digital – Class 1

1st Place Paula Neumann Room With A View
2nd Place Colena Turner Well Worn
3rd Place Alan Goldstein Mama San
HM Alan Goldstein Shattered View
HM Kirk Andrew Johnson La Concha Hotel
HM Robert Granger Benson Old Town Street




Jeff Hancock - Fine You Can Sit on my Eye

Jeff Hancock – Fine You Can Sit on my Eye

Digital – Class 2

1st Place Jeff Hancock You Can Sit On My Eye If You Want To
2nd Place Claire Carroll Going Underground
3rd Place Ginger Werz-Petricka Gondola At Dusk
HM Jamie Kiechlin Lotus Glow






Mike Whalen - Martin Luther King

Mike Whalen – Martin Luther King

Digital – Class 3

1st Place Mike Whalen MLK Memorial
2nd Place Scott Musson The Cheap Seats
3rd Place Ed Ruggiero Lock And Key
HM Amie Tannenbaum Around The Bend
HM Emi Wallace Kauai Coast From Above






Art Orton - 1st Place - Night Visitors

Art Orton – Night Visitors

Color Prints – Class1

1st Place Art Orton Night Visitors
2nd Place Geoffrey Parker Blue Mountain Church






Kevin Egan_Lemon-and-a-half-&-a-Lime-II

Kevin Egan – Lemon-and-a-half-&-a-Lime-II

Color Prints – Class 2

1st Place Kevin Egan Lemon And A Half A Lime
2nd Place Ginger Werz-Petricka Ricketts Glen Falls







Color Prints – Class 3

Tami Steiger - Water Sticks

Tami Steiger – Water Sticks

1st Place Tami Steiger Water Sticks
2nd Place Tom Brett Chaplain’s Award
3rd Place Mike Whalen Downtown Reykjavík






Geoffrey Parker - Act Normal

Geoffrey Parker – Act Normal

1st Place Geoffrey Parker Act Normal
2nd Place Bob Friedman The Black List
3rd Place Tom Brett Pepper Holds Egg
HM Kevin Egan Entrance To The Overlook









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