Annual Treasurer’s Report

The NVPS Board had kept dues constant for the past 9 years, and has increased dues for the upcoming 2017-2018 club year to $55 for Individual memberships and to $75 for family memberships, in part, to cover an increase in the honoraria presented to Competition judges & Program speakers.

Dues may be paid by check [to “NVPS”] or cash, with the fillable form from the NVPS website [under “Membership’’, from ‘’All Things NVPS’’] & given to the Membership Chair [ Kacy] at NVPS meetings, starting on 5 Sep., or a check, with the form, mailed to Tom Brett, 4216 Wynnwood Drive, Annandale, Va. 22003. You may also pay dues through PayPal, by way of the NVPS website.

During the last NVPS club year, 2016-2017, Board member expenses were kept within the budget.
Annual expenditures during 2016-17 were: $5,265 for the meeting hall rental at Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department [the club’s largest annual expense]; $1,601 for Competitions [judge honoraria & meals, and End of Year {EOY} Banquet ribbons, trophies, plaques & printed programs]; $687 for Programs [speaker honoraria & meals]; $731 for the EOY Banquet subsidy; $500 for liability insurance; $423 for Membership supplies & miscellaneous; $159 for new equipment [a microphone system] & $150 for Education & Training and the Portfolio Project.

The EOY Banquet cost for the Waterford meal & support fees was $3,831 against ticket sale income of $3,100 at $37.50 per person. NVPS paid the $731 subsidy to allow ticket prices to be $37.50 per person.

Income from Membership dues was $9,676 & from the coffee fund and sales of Spudz micro-cloths was $310.

The NVPS bank account balance on 23 June 2017 was $9,784, which will increase as the majority of dues are received in Jul. thru Oct.

Please encourage your friends to renew or to join NVPS.

Thank you, Tom Brett, Treasurer

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