April 16, 2019 – Competitions: Theme – “Trains, Planes, Automobiles and Trucks” with judge Steve Gottlieb

Steve Gottlieb
Thousands of Steve Gottlieb’s photographs—ranging from architecture to people to landscapes—have been published worldwide. His images have been featured in Shutterbug, Popular Photography, American Photo, Rangefinder, and Photo District News, among others. He is the photographer—as well as author and designer—of six books, including American Icons, Washington: Portrait of a City, FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past & Present, and Abandoned America. Abandoned America was selected by both People Magazine and USA Today as “Gift Book of the Year.” Shutterbug referred to Steve as “a gifted photographer and author.” Other recognition includes “Advertising Photograph of the Year” in both NYC and Washington, DC. http://www.gottliebphoto.com

Steve produces the Horizon Photography Summit, an event that brings together many leading photographers who lecture on a wide range of subjects. http://horizonworkshops.com/summit

Steve is a graduate of Columbia University College and Law School. He practiced law for a decade before turning his hobby into his vocation.


Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Trucks:Images of these subjects can be of new or old trains, planes, automobiles, or trucks – from mint condition to a state of ruin. Images can be of the entire vehicle or isolated parts, such as hood ornaments. Subjects can be in motion or at rest.


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